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Pillars of Well Architected Framework AWS Cloud Excellence

Build with the foundations of the AWS Well Architected Framework . Incorporating these pillars into your architectures will help produce stable and efficient systems.
* For qualified organizations ** Applies to qualified projects, i.e., AWS clients who start remediation within 30 days after delivery of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review and remediate 45% of high-risk issues (HRIs)

Operational Excellence

Optimize and automate processes to ensure your AWScloud computing operations run smoothly and efficiently. Focus on monitoring, incident response, and continuous improvement to support business objectives and maintain system health and effectiveness.


Safeguard your applications and data on AWS with rigorous security measures. Implement strong identity foundations, traceability, and data protection strategies to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data integrity and confidentiality.


Reduce unnecessary costs by managing and allocating AWS resources more effectively. Utilize cost-effective resource selection, budgeting controls, and scaling to align spending with actual usage without compromising performance and capacity.

Performance Efficiency

Enhance system speed and efficiency by selecting the right resource types and sizes based on workload requirements. Leverage advanced technologies and design principles to achieve higher throughput and reduce latency.

Cost Optimization

Ensure your AWS system can recover quickly from failures to meet business and customer demand. AWScloud computing focus on setup, cross-project consistency, recovery planning, and scaling horizontally to avoid disruptions and downtime.


Minimize the environmental impact of your AWS operations. Optimize resource usage and improve efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption for a sustainable technological footprint without sacrificing performance or cost.

Our Evaluations on AWS Cloud Technologies

As AWS partners, we are held to high standards to provide the best customer experience and architecture recommendations to optimize cloud performance. Business benefits include:

In-Depth Guidance

Receive comprehensive guidance from AWS-certified architects who assess your system’s alignment with secure AWS best practices, ensuring every aspect of your infrastructure is scrutinized and optimized.

Expert Implementation

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals who implement recommended changes meticulously, enhancing the stability, security, and efficiency of your AWS environment.

Benchmark Your Workload

Evaluate your AWS workloads against established benchmarks to understand performance metrics, identify improvement areas, and measure progress over time for sustained growth and optimization.

Harness the power of AWS

Leverage cutting-edge AWS cloud technologies tools and services to maximize your infrastructure’s potential, improve operational performance, and achieve superior scalability and data handling capabilities.

Be More Efficient and Resilient

Implement strategic improvements to make your AWS operations more cost-effective and resilient, reducing downtime and ensuring your business can withstand and quickly recover from disruptions.

How AWS Well-Architected Framework Review Work

At AdelaTech, we are committed to helping businesses in Maryland achieve maximum efficiency and security with their AWScloud computing environments.

Initial Review

Our AWS experts evaluate your existing infrastructure against five key pillars to identify areas that do not align with AWS best practices.

Well-Architected Framework AWS

The review highlights risks and potential issues in your architecture, such as security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and excessive costs.

Findings & Reports

Based on the assessment, you receive tailored recommendations for improving each aspect of your infrastructure to enhance efficiency, security, and reliability.

Keep in Touch

We implement the suggested improvements to optimize your AWS environment, ensuring it is well-architected to support current and future business needs efficiently and effectively.


Prioritize AWS Application Migration Service

Migrating applications can be challenging when a clear benchmarking framework isn’t defined and business priorities aren’t clear. Our team can provide Well-Architected reviews as a way to identify AWS application migration service risk based on security, efficiency, refactoring efforts, and many other factors.
  • Framework to Evaluate Apps
  • Prioritize Migration Efforts
  • Improve Security & Performance


What expertise do your architects have with the AWS well architected framework?

Our team includes AWS-certified architects who have extensive experience in designing and reviewing architectures using the Well-Architected Framework. They are trained to identify and address the specific needs of different business applications.

Is our data secure during the AWS review?

Absolutely. The review process is designed to enhance your security posture without compromising the confidentiality and integrity of your data. We adhere to strict security protocols throughout the assessment for secure AWSreview.

Can you help us conduct a well architected review?

Yes, we specialize in conducting Well-Architected Reviews. Our certified AWS architects can guide you through the process, providing insights and recommendations to ensure your architecture aligns with AWS’s best practices.

Contact us.

Does AWS cloud technologies lead to cost savings?

Yes, one of the core pillars of the Framework is Cost Optimization. By adhering to its principles, you can identify unnecessary expenses, optimize your resource usage, and improve overall cost efficiency.

How does the well architected framework AWS improve migration?

A well architected review assesses your current architecture against AWS best practices. It helps identify areas for improvement, ensuring your application migration is optimized for cost, performance, security, and reliability from the outset. Consult for AWS application migration service.

What are the outcomes of a successful well architected review?

A successful review provides you with a clear path to enhance your cloud architecture’s security, reliability, performance, and cost efficiency. It results in actionable insights that directly support the successful implementation and operation of your AWS-hosted applications.

Can you integrate a well architected framework AWS with other services?

The framework is designed to be integrated seamlessly with the full range of AWS services. It leverages various AWS tools and services to enhance the architecture’s alignment with the five pillars, ensuring comprehensive coverage across your cloud environment.

How long does an AWS well architected framework review take?

The duration of a review depends on the complexity of your architecture. Typically, a basic review can be completed in a few days, but more complex systems might take longer to fully analyze.

Can a well architected framework AWS review support compliance requirements?

Yes, the Security pillar of the Framework includes best practices and strategies that support compliance with various regulations and standards. We ensure that your architecture meets the necessary compliance requirements relevant to your industry.

What happens if issues are found during the well architected review?

If the review identifies any issues, such as security gaps or inefficiencies, we will provide you with a detailed report and actionable recommendations for remediation. Our team can also assist in implementing these improvements.

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