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DevSecOps Platform

A Comprehensive Container Platform for Software Teams with built-in Security Tools. Save up to 40% on your operations, infrastructure, specialized labor and licensing costs.

Cloud Operations

Your DevOps Team

Adapting to customer and market needs requires an agile team that can architect, deploy, operate, and monitor your cloud infrastructure environments.  Our team will allow your organization to scale on-demand, architect and secure resources, and improve your customer delivery.


DevOps Team On-Demand


Focus On Your Software Project. Not Infrastructure, and tooling


Save On Training, Staffing, and Cloud Resources Costs

Cloud Security

Full Security Stack

We offer all of our customers a built-in security stack backed by scalable cloud services. We partner with the top cyber security vendors to give our customers the most comprehensive security offering & turn-key compliance auditing.


Prevent Malware, Bots, and Viruses w/ XDR/EDR Endpoint Agents


Cloud Data & Access Governance


Application Firewall & OWASP Pen Testing


Cloud Data & Access Governance


NextGen Network Firewall Integration


Vulnerability Scanning, Reporting, and Remediation


Cloud SIEM, Logging, and Auditing

AWS Cloud Management

We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions based on AWS best-practices.  Our team of experts are AWS certified, continuosly meeting rigorous AWS partner requirements, and work closely with the AWS team to provide our customers the most efficient, cost-effective, and secure solutions.

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DSOP+ Offering

Single Sign-On

Centrally access all of our reporting, monitoring, and security dashboards using your organizations enterprise credentials.

Role Based Control

Limit your cloud resources, reporting, and auditing details by your organizations roles.  We can help define your organizations role structure for the best fit.

Centralized Management

Centralized monitoring, access, and resource pooling to lower your organizations overhead and save on costs.  Make auditing and management easier and lower your risk.

Runtime & CI/CD Security

Our security stack features built-in AI anomaly detection, machine learning to define patterns in usage, and segmentation to isolate high-risk threats.

Advanced Reporting

Provide executive leadership and project management teams advanced reporting on compliance, security, resource usage costs, and spot changes in trends.

Dashboard Analytics

Provide continuous dashboards of your most important compliance data, application status, usage, and other organizational metrics. 


Adela Technologies Inc. helps organizations successfully navigate digital transformations, secure applications and infrastructure, accelerate software development using modern DevSecOps practices, and make accurate business predictions using cloud enabled AI/ML services.


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