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AWS EKS vs ECS Managed Services for Containers

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AWS EKS vs ECS Managed Services for Containers

We recently attended a 1 day workshop at the Amazon offices in downtown Washington DC focused on AWS container services ECS (Elastic Container Service) and EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service).  Although our team has been exposed to Docker and Kubernetes, we had only recently touched on managed container services through AWS and Google Cloud.

Using the AWS Cloud 9 IDE

The labs for EKS & ECS both used the AWS Cloud 9 IDE, which is accessible through a browser, to organize YAML, python scripts, AWS CLI commands, and other AWS functions.  Up until this point, we had not utilized Cloud 9 to this extent, but after this workshop, we will! We had initially used Cloud 9 for managing serverless code functions in Lambda. After the lab, we realized there are many other use cases that would enhance DevOps environments focused around AWS.  There are many benefits to Cloud 9 that we will have to cover during another blog 🙂


Our workshop began with the following agenda:

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