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About Us

Managed Cloud Services & Security

We are a small, woman owned, U.S. based managed service provider specializing in: cloud, infrastructure security, DevOps deployments, cloud migrations, security compliance and hybrid cloud technologies.

We have cloud certified consultants with years of federal and commercial experience. Our roots in the web hosting and managed services business led us to the revolution of private/public cloud adaptation and has provided us with valuable insight to help customers migrate to the cloud. We believe the migration process doesn’t just require a highly skilled team to pick up and move applications. It also requires an organizational culture shift, detailed training, and an understanding of what challenges are common across vertical markets.

Solely focusing on technical aspects of cloud migration and utilization do not provide an overall organizational shift to cloud and will ultimately lead to a less valuable experience for the organization. Our team recognizes that taking extra steps to on-board an organization will provide the most value during a migration process.

We offer innovative solutions to help your organization achieve a digital transformation. This transformation includes the use of industry leading tools that help manage billing, compliance, automation, and best practice implementations for multiple cloud accounts all in a single pain of glass view. Making the overall transformation much more obtainable and cost effective! Feel free to contact us and set up a free consultation to see how Adela Technologies can meet and exceed your business information technology needs!